Welcome to West Fairlee Center, Vermont. What was once the actual Center for the town of West Fairlee, it is now little but a cross roads with two houses, the Community Club House, and the West Fairlee Center Congregational Church. It is the latter, exquisitely placed to invite in those who walk, drive, or ride up Middlebrook Rd., which provides the historic center for the town. The cemetery rises just to the west of the church and is the site of the Nathanial Niles, the Town's most important citizen and founder, monument stone. A Vermont State Historic Marker notes the location and describes just a little of Niles' role in our State and National history.

Visitors come to ride their bikes along the back roads, hike up Bear Notch Rd., hold simple country weddings at the church or small events at the club house. All are welcome and those with special interest may contact us through this web site to arrange for the church to be opened by a member. We enjoy sharing this special building and the peace and serenity that surrounds it. 

 Photograph below Circa Early 1900's - by Charles H. Morse

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